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Statewide/County/Federal District Criminal History checks

Statewide Criminal Background History
Not all states allow public access to statewide criminal records information. Some allow online access, while others require written application forms. Fees vary, and access may require a specific authorization form and/or specific identifying information such as full name, address, date of birth, social security number, and county of residence.

Information provided by a statewide record system may be incomplete due to limited date ranges or the limited number of courts and offenses for which records are maintained. “Offender” or “inmate” searches are generally limited to individuals who were sentenced to state prison. Criminal records checks include convictions and sometimes arrests. Child abuse registry checks can reveal if a person was named in a report, but registry checks are not available in all states.
County Criminal Record Search
This is a search for county level or misdemeanor and felony criminal records. These County Courthouse searches are conducted manually by our team of over 1500+ local county researchers. Through our extensive network of researchers, we can search county criminal records for most U.S. states. County Courthouse searches are the most accurate type of search available, due to the fact that Some states do not provide Statewide criminal records searches, county searches are the only option.
Results in 1 - 3 business days*.
Note: Due to researchers schedules, time of order, courthouse hours or procedures, search results normally take 1-3 business days. On occasion, results can be delayed.
Federal District Search:
Federal criminal searches report information from federal district courts and contain only specific high-level, white-collar crimes and crimes that cross state lines.