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Instant Multi State Background Check

ASI’s Instant Multi-State Criminal History Search package:
ASI  Background Checks. offers a Multi-State Criminal Search, Social Trace, National Sex Offenders Registry, Patriot Acts Database, Office of Foreign Assets and Control (OFAC) and a host of other data sources which can contain a wealth of criminal information undisclosed by an applicant. The Multi-State Criminal Search contains record information representing over 90% of the population, covering 50 states and three territories, searching over 300 million records. The Multi-State Criminal Search is an effective “pre-screen” tool which, combined with a jurisdiction criminal history search, identifies criminal history records that otherwise would never be discovered.  This Multi-State Criminal Database Search is a compilation of several hundred industry-leading sources. Please note, this search does not include every court jurisdiction in every state. However, many times criminal records are revealed in states where the applicant gave no indication of his prior residence.  This service generally should not be used as a substitute for county-level criminal searches. Rather, it offers an additional level of due diligence by expanding the geography of a criminal search beyond a current county or seven year county search program.
Search Result: In the event that a criminal conviction or "hit" is found, the report will contain the case number, full case name, date of birth, file date, disposition date and number of years searched for each criminal case that is found. We will also detail the method(s) used to match the applicant to the defendant, such as Name and Date of Birth; Name, Date of Birth and SSN; or Name Only. Finally, we will provide details for each charge included in the case, including description of each count, disposition, type of crime, any fines assessed by the court, any court fees assessed, and probation or prison time ordered. Additional information available will also be provided to you. You may need to run a county criminal background check for greater detail.