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Full Disclosure Background Investigation

ASI Full Disclosure Background Investigations:
When you must have a comprehensive “deep dive” investigation of an individual to gain full disclosure of their background so you’re confident the interests of  your business are fully protected, an ASI “Full Disclosure Background Investigation” is the vehicle that will get you to that level  of due diligence.  What differentiates ASI’s screening process from other online background investigations is that you’re request for service is assigned to and managed by a highly experienced Investigator, not a computer based search engine. ASI Investigator’s will take a “Best Practices” approach in making sure no stone is left unturned in the effort to understand exactly who you are dealing with.  While your Investigator will utilize the full capabilities of ASI’s extensive research tools, It is a true “eyes on” investigative effort which evaluates the comprehensive research collected and presents it in an understandable format that can be put to beneficial use.  Our Full Disclosure Background Investigations are billed at an hourly rate so you receive the greatest cost-benefit ratio for the services we render.  Turnaround time is dependent on several different factors, one simply being how much you already know about the person.  However, on average you can expect a final report within 10 to 15 business days from when the investigation is initiated.