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Is there a fee for setting up an account with ASI Background Checks?
There are no setup fees to establish an account with ASI Background Checks. One of our representatives will assist you in setting up your account. The entire process will take only a few minutes.

Can more than one user be on my account?
Yes! Your account will have an administrator/manager and more than one user.

What types of background screening services offer the best results?
Many factors contribute to background-screening packages or services that’s most effective for a given business; Including the industry, geographic location and the expected turnaround time, and budget. Criminal Background Screening is generally the foundation of a pre-employment background check, while additional services, like Education and Employer Verification can mitigate candidate dishonesty and speed-up the hiring process.

What is the source of ASI Background Checks data?
ASI Background Checks is connected to a variety of FCRA-certified providers whose comprehensive databases compile state and federal records. Our team of experienced court researchers conducts on-site court record checks, while a team of professional educational and employment search specialists pursue direct verification of candidate credentials.

What information should a candidate provide in order to run a background Check?
At a minimum, you will need to acquire your candidate’s Social Security Number, first and last name and date of birth. For a Motor Vehicle Report or Credit Information Report you should also provide a current address and driver’s license number. If your candidate has ever lived in California it will be important to have this information as well. Depending on the additional screening services you select, more information may be required about a candidate’s educational and employment history.

Why is it necessary to acquire a candidate’s consent before running a background check?
To legally run a background check, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that employers obtain written authorization from the job candidate or employees before they can be screened.

 By obtaining consent, employers can officially certify that they have:

  • Notified candidates about the details of the background screening process.
  • Informed candidates about their legal rights in case of an adverse action.
  • Made efforts to ensure candidate privacy and prevent discrimination.

Is my candidate’s sensitive personal data stored securely?
Absolutely! All transmission of personal data, from all sources, use SSL (Secure Socket Layer), a robust protocol for encrypting data online.

How do I receive my reports?
To protect your candidates’ privacy and ensure the security of their data, background reports will be available to you on your system. You’re automatically notified when a report is complete, with the option of incremental notification upon completion of various sections of the report.

How long does it take to complete a background report?
Report delivery time varies with report type. Depending on the data requested, the reports can be instantaneous (5 minutes) or take 1-5 days. A standard InstaCheck report will be complete within minutes. However, criminal record reports can take 1-3 days. Adding employment and education verification can take up to 5 days.