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Customized Services

ASI Background Checks provides Packaged Services that are tailored to your specific background screening needs as well as offering an a la carte approach to our complete menu of services. Many factors contribute to background-screening packages or services that’s most effective for your company.  At ASI Background Checks we have found that a customized background screening package of services offers the most cost effective and efficient approach for companies, large or small, that insures they are making a safe and secure hiring decision.  ASI Background Checks will work with you to design a customized screening package that meets your companies unique needs.

Popular Packages

ASI’s Instant Multi-State Criminal History Search package:
ASI  Background Checks. offers a Multi-State Criminal Search, Social Trace, National Sex Offenders Registry, Patriot Acts Database, Office of Foreign Assets and Control (OFAC) and a host of other data sources which can contain a wealth of criminal information undisclosed by an applicant. The Multi-State Criminal Search contains record information representing over 90% of the population, covering 50 states and three territories, searching over 300 million records. The Multi-State Criminal Search is an effective “pre-screen” tool which, combined with a jurisdiction criminal history search, identifies criminal history records that otherwise would never be discovered.  This Multi-State Criminal Database Search is a compilation of several hundred industry-leading sources. Please note, this search does not include every court jurisdiction in every state. However, many times criminal records are revealed in states where the applicant gave no indication of his prior residence.  This service generally should not be used as a substitute for county-level criminal searches. Rather, it offers an additional level of due diligence by expanding the geography of a criminal search beyond a current county or seven year county search program.
Search Result: In the event that a criminal conviction or "hit" is found, the report will contain the case number, full case name, date of birth, file date, disposition date and number of years searched for each criminal case that is found. We will also detail the method(s) used to match the applicant to the defendant, such as Name and Date of Birth; Name, Date of Birth and SSN; or Name Only. Finally, we will provide details for each charge included in the case, including description of each count, disposition, type of crime, any fines assessed by the court, any court fees assessed, and probation or prison time ordered. Additional information available will also be provided to you. You may need to run a county criminal background check for greater detail.
ASI Full Disclosure Background Investigations:
When you must have a comprehensive “deep dive” investigation of an individual to gain full disclosure of their background so you’re confident the interests of  your business are fully protected, an ASI “Full Disclosure Background Investigation” is the vehicle that will get you to that level  of due diligence.  What differentiates ASI’s screening process from other online background investigations is that you’re request for service is assigned to and managed by a highly experienced Investigator, not a computer based search engine. ASI Investigator’s will take a “Best Practices” approach in making sure no stone is left unturned in the effort to understand exactly who you are dealing with.  While your Investigator will utilize the full capabilities of ASI’s extensive research tools, It is a true “eyes on” investigative effort which evaluates the comprehensive research collected and presents it in an understandable format that can be put to beneficial use.  Our Full Disclosure Background Investigations are billed at an hourly rate so you receive the greatest cost-benefit ratio for the services we render.  Turnaround time is dependent on several different factors, one simply being how much you already know about the person.  However, on average you can expect a final report within 10 to 15 business days from when the investigation is initiated.

Single Menu Items

Statewide Criminal Background History
Not all states allow public access to statewide criminal records information. Some allow online access, while others require written application forms. Fees vary, and access may require a specific authorization form and/or specific identifying information such as full name, address, date of birth, social security number, and county of residence.

Information provided by a statewide record system may be incomplete due to limited date ranges or the limited number of courts and offenses for which records are maintained. “Offender” or “inmate” searches are generally limited to individuals who were sentenced to state prison. Criminal records checks include convictions and sometimes arrests. Child abuse registry checks can reveal if a person was named in a report, but registry checks are not available in all states.
County Criminal Record Search
This is a search for county level or misdemeanor and felony criminal records. These County Courthouse searches are conducted manually by our team of over 1500+ local county researchers. Through our extensive network of researchers, we can search county criminal records for most U.S. states. County Courthouse searches are the most accurate type of search available, due to the fact that Some states do not provide Statewide criminal records searches, county searches are the only option.
Results in 1 - 3 business days*.
Note: Due to researchers schedules, time of order, courthouse hours or procedures, search results normally take 1-3 business days. On occasion, results can be delayed.
Federal District Search:
Federal criminal searches report information from federal district courts and contain only specific high-level, white-collar crimes and crimes that cross state lines.
National Wants & Warrants

National Wants and Warrants Search searches for outstanding wants and warrants, generally those of which are issued for extraditable offenses. Law enforcement agencies are actively seeking these individuals.  The confusion between FBI Background Check or NCIC Database Search and a National Wants and Warrants Search sometimes leads to the myth that National Wants and Warrants Search is illegal.  It is not illegal.  As an essential part of any Comprehensive Background Check, we recommend this search in conjunction with local county criminal record checks, for all applicants undergoing a criminal record check. This search allows for employer protection from individuals who have outstanding warrants or attempting to hide their criminal record.
1-2 business days turnaround time
Result in1-2 business days*
Employment Verification:
Previous employment verification can provide you with key information about an applicant's work history, productivity and overall work ethic. Former employers and co-workers are valuable sources when compiling a complete profile on your applicant. ASI Inc. verifications validate dates of employment, terminations, job title or positions held and rehire eligibility. We also can tailor expanded employer interviews to meet your organization’s unique needs.
Education Verification:
Given that education is the most commonly falsified information provided on an application, education verification makes sense for every employer. ASI will provide confirmation of the applicant's graduation, degree earned, major and minor courses of study, graduation date and institution attended. ASI also validates that the institution is a well-established and properly accredited school system.
Social Trace
This search is used as an identity verification and fraud search matching the Social Security Number to the issued name. This search can reveal all names used by the applicant, the applicant's current address and multiple known addresses over a 7-year history. Additionally, addresses obtained can be used in expanding an applicant's criminal history search.
I-9/E-Verify Solutions
Our solution offers an intuitive, user-friendly system to help eliminate errors and streamline the on-boarding process.

Currently used by more than 30,000 HR professionals, ASI can help you:

  • Prevent errors and omissions on the I-9 form with a real-time error-detecting platform
  • Easily prepare, manage, audit and store all your I-9 records electronically
  • Enforce consistent I-9 procedures to remain compliant and non-discriminatory
  • Instantly transmit I-9 data to E-Verify where required
  • Electronically Capture historical I-9 records into an electronic format and correct past mistakes
  • Ensure timely I-9 re-verifications and receipt updates
  • Develop new hire policies and procedures related to the electronic I-9 / E-Verify implementation and transition process
  • Work seamlessly with your representatives in case you receive an ICE Notice of Inspection (NOI)

Income Tax Return and Employer Verification (ITRV) from the IRS
Income Tax Return Verification (ITRV) is consent-based verification developed and administered by the IRS using Form 4506T “Request for Transcript of Tax Return”. These official IRS transcripts are available within two (2) business days.

  • Direct online access to IRS record resources with results in two business days or less
  • Provides accurate results and prevents misrepresentation of employment and past income amounts
  • Mitigates fraud by matching Name, SSN, and Address to IRS data
  • Verification of personal and/or business Tax Returns for any purpose
  • Compliance for internal, state and federal regulations
  • Fast 2-day turn-around time versus 30+ days via US Postal Service from the IRS

    Which transcripts are available?
Form 1040 series, 1065, 1120 series are available for the current year and prior 3 years (4 year total)

Form W-2, 1099, 1098, 5498 transcript may be available for current year and prior 9 years (10 year total)

Social Security Number Verification (CBSV):
The Social Security Administration (SSA) developed Consent Based SSN Verification (CBSV) service to protect vital business interests. CBSV mitigates fraud and identity theft by reducing unauthorized applicants, loan losses, net charge-offs, and bad/negligent hires. Obtain instantaneous results direct from the SSA Master File and Death index.  Through direct access to the SSA Master File and Death Index we can provide our clients with the most accurate matching of Name, SSN, DOB, and Death Indicator of an individual SSN.  Our ability to access CBSV provides our clients with instantaneous results that they can use for every type of business purpose.  The information provided to you exceeds regulatory requirements involving Customer Identification Programs, FTC Red Flags Rule, Fannie Mae Loan Quality Initiative (LQI), Dodd-Frank, Know Your Customer (KYC), and more.
Motor Vehicle History:
This report reveals current license status and classification, violation and accident history, and restrictions or medical certificates.
Credit Reports:

A credit report can be a valuable tool for assessing applicants who may occupy a position where business needs dictate a history of financial responsibility.  A credit profile confirms applicant's name, social security number, and address(es). It includes the number of open accounts, whether they are in good or negative standing, high credit range, payment history, open balance credit limit, current balance(s) owed, charge off's, repossessions, and extended debt. It also may include public record information such as bankruptcies, collection actions, judgments, civil suit information, and garnishings.
Usually provides debtor name, bankruptcy petition date, docket number, type of bankruptcy, bankruptcy court location, address, truncated social security number, and attorney’s name.
Records contain information on civil and small claims monetary judgments over $100. Detail usually provides type of judgment, judgment date, case number, amount awarded, debtor name and address, court location and plaintiff name.
Filings provide information on federal and state tax lien from various states. Detail usually contains type of tax lien, filing date, tax amount owed, debtor name, taxpayer ID number and address, court location, taxing agency, and release information.
Skip Tracing:
Skip Tracing is an in-depth, complex methodology of locating an individual who cannot or does not want to be found.  We are able to provide complete and accurate information through utilization of public records, surveillance, online research, and other means to track down an individual and provide detailed reports on addresses, phone numbers, place of employment, and other information as requested by our clients.  We acquire all our database information from the most complete, most up to date sources available. This means you get more usable information than from any other source.
Health Care Exclusions List:
This service is specific to the health care field. Under a Congressional mandate, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) established a program to exclude certain individuals and entities from participating in Federally funded health care programs. The OIG, through this program, maintains a list of all currently excluded parties called the List of Excluded Individuals/Entities. Bases for exclusion include convictions for program-related fraud and patient abuse, licensing board actions, and default on Health Education Assistance Loans.
Civil Court Record Search:
A check of civil court index for civil filings by name and provides the plaintiff and defendant names, case numbers, and dates.
Professional License Verification:
ASI will verify professional licenses through the applicable licensing board. These verifications are typically done electronically which ensures timely acquisition of information. We confirm the date of certification, type of license, license status and expiration date, and/or the license number and renewal date.
On Site Security and Consulting

  • Risk Assessments
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
  • On Site security and protective details
  • Investigative support

Reference Checks:
References obtained from family, friends, co-workers, supervisors, or colleagues by gathering information that may consist of character traits, dependability, reliability, personality traits, attitude, behavior, and demeanor.
National Social Security Search:
ASI Inc. will conduct an identity verification and fraud search matching the Social Security Number to the issued name. This search can reveal all names used by the applicant, the applicant's current address and multiple known addresses over a 7-year history. Additionally, addresses obtained can be used in expanding an applicant's criminal history search.
Media Search:
A search of news archives, periodicals, and other search engines/online publishing’s. PRIA (Pilots Records Improvements Act): Background screening for FAA certified positions.